Here are some of our hot food dishes

  • Peruvian Hot Dishes

    Empanadas de carne o pollo - Beef or chicken minced fried with onions, chillies chopped eggs, black olives, raisins, etc.

    Anticuchos de pollo con salsa picante - Chicken marinated in vineger, chilli pure orégano, etc. Presented in a spicy dip sauce.

    Croquetas de pavo - Minced turkey with finely chopped onions, parsley, garlic,etc

    Ají de gallina presentado en hojarascas - Chicken in a spicy creamy sauce served in tartlets

    Yuca frita con salsa a la Huancaina - Fried cassava with a Huancaina sauce dip

  • Other Hot Dishes

    Croquetas de atún con salsa picante - Tuna mixed with mashed potatoes and spring onions. Served with chilli sauce dip.

    Arroz con pollo present ado en cucharitas - Rice cooked in a mild sauce with coriander, peas, carrots, pieces of chicken,etc. Presented in small bowls or Chinese spoons.

    Tartaletas con queso de cabra y cebolla roja acaramelada - Goats cheese with caramelised red onios on tartlets.

    Champińones rellenos - Baby mushrooms filled with mozzarella cheese, tomato, onions and basil.

  • Ají de gallina

    Chicken in a spicy creamy sauce served in tartlets

    Chicken in a spicy creamy sauce served in tartlets.

  • Sausages

    Sausages in red wine syrup

    Sausages in red wine syrup.

  • Tocino enrollado

    Tocino enrollado en guindones(Bacon rolled up with plums

    Tocino enrollado en guindones (Bacon rolled up with plums)